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Best Selling Booty Blenders – 3 Pack

Our Brand New ‘Booty Blender’ makeup sponges! These are the SOFTEST sponge that applies powder, liquid and cream flawlessly! Your Booty Blender doubles in size when wet, ensuring  no makeup absorption. Twice as big for twice as quick application!

The Booty Blender is made with premium quality and comes in a Set of 3!

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I have introduced some unbelievable beauty tools to the market! From our NEW best-selling Booty Blenders, our favorite Face Cleansing Cushions and groundbreaking Antibacterial Makeup Brush and Sponge Cleaning Soap we really do have something for everyone! 

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Due to increasing demand for the “By Caitlyn” brushes & lashes range, we have now worked with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you the brand new Jewellery By Caitlyn Collection!

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