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Twin Pack Soft Cleansing Cushions

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Two soft makeup and face cleansing pads. These luxury cleansing pads come with satin piping in peach & coral.

This gentle pad is reusable for up 200 times and is machine washable at a low temperature or can be simply rinsed in soapy water!

  • 12cm in size for quick cleanse
  • Super soft nanofibres for gentle and thorough cleanse
  • Nanofibres remove and absorb makeup, sweat, and residue
  • Double-sided
  • Cruelty-Free
  • No harsh chemicals

IMPORTANT: Colour combination may vary depending on stock levels.

12 reviews for Twin Pack Soft Cleansing Cushions

  1. Paula Connolly

    These cleansing cushions are amazing. They literally take all your makeup off, they are soft on your skin & great for the environment (not having to buy wipes/cotton pads). They are a must for a makeup users who also want to maintain great skin!!!! Thank you Caitlyn xx

  2. Courtney

    So soft and gentle on your face. Haven’t touched a make up wipe since 😊. Using these cleansing cushions are a great step if you are looking to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Would highly recommend! Thanks Caitlyn Xx

  3. Maria McMahon (verified owner)

    These cleansing pads are amazing for make up removal, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using these. It has really helped clear up my bad skin by fully removing my make up and cleansing. The material is so soft on the skin and so handy to rinse and dry after use!!

  4. Caitlín R (verified owner)

    There’s is nothing better on this earth that you will find to remove you makeup. With being someone who suffers from severely sensitive and dry skin, the cushion is so soft against your face yet at the same time takes everything off. Just recently made a second order to get my hands on more of them cause having one just wasn’t enough. I haven’t used a single thing to take my makeup off or even to wash my face with apart from the cushion and I promise this is a product you will not be sorry you ordered❤️❤️ Like everything I’ve ordered from Caitlyn, this is just phenomenal!!

  5. Caroline Handcock

    Everything you need & more to cleanse your face. So soft and gentle, yet fully removes every last bit of makeup. The BEST buy I ever made! Highly recommend!

  6. Taylor (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t use anything else now that I’ve tried these , sooo gentle on your skin. Would highly recommend to anyone!

  7. Hannah (verified owner)

    These are fab! My makeup is off so quickly and it saves me flooding the bathroom everyday too. If you look after them well they last so long!

  8. Niamh

    The best product on the market in my opinion!!So easy to remove makeup with a few sweeps especially in around the hairline. Even after a night out removing my makeup has never been easier, it is gone in a flash and my face always feels super clean the next morning. One of the best products I’ve invested in, so easy to use, super soft and the best part is i just put mine in the machine to clean it! LOVE thank you Xx

  9. Sarah-Jane (verified owner)

    These cleansing cushions are amazing. They literally are soft on your skin! They are a must for all skin care routine users to maintain great skin! Once I seen these on your Instagram story i had to have them LOL although i dont wear make up but i use the cleansing cushions for my skin care routine! I cant wait to see what else bycaitlyncollection will have to offer in the future!
    Thank You Caitlyn xx

  10. Annmarie Mackin (verified owner)

    Bought these after buying the trio I loved them that much and just had to have more….. Great for taking your makeup off without having to use wipes so your saving money in the long run they are also safe to be washed in the wash machine and tumble dried come out like brand new ready to be used again……. I have found my skin is alot better after using the cushion aswell which is amazing I wouod highly recommend this product to friends and family thank you caitlyn xx

  11. Molly A (verified owner)

    These are a game changer! So soft on your skin which is great for me as I have very sensitive skin. I keep one at the sink and one in the shower which is so handy as it gets off the last bits of makeup that the shower doesn’t get! I have just purchased more of these as I love them!! I have also noticed a difference in my skin not breaking out anywhere near as much since I started using these!

  12. Nicole Carson (verified owner)

    Amazing!! I recently purchased THE cleansing cushions as I already used face halo but wanted to support a small local business & came across these. The moment I opened the packet I knew straight away they were a game changer! They’re so much bigger than the face halo, so soft & cushiony! They take my makeup/cleanser off so quickly and are so gentle on the face! Safe to say the old cloths have seen the bin with these now taking pride of place! LOVE!

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